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April through August 2016 * 

--Andie and Elias are to be married a year from this April! Check "The Knot"

--Earth Day 2016 happened at Prospect Education Center

--I replaced our leaking water heater

--Elias came to visit for a week

--Kristen graduated from Monache High School

--Steve joined Greg/Deb/Heather in Napa, CA--stayed at Riverpointe, visited three wineries--including Frog's Leap, and ate at Farmstead in St. Helena

--Andie/Kristen/Steve took a trip to Cambria, CA

-- I spent 2 weeks with doctors and tests which cancelled/postponed my trip to England and Ireland,

--Steve camped for a night at Redwood Meadow with Jason/Bekah/kids/friends 

--Andie's and Greg's birthdays happened on 28 July

--Kristen, Andie, Steve visited Universal Studios Hollywood to celebrate Andie's birthday,

--Steve attended a seminar on grant-writing and visited Greg & Deb in Panorama Heights. On the way home, I revisited sites in my hometown, Orange (house at 1211 E. Mayfair Avenue, Cambridge School, Yorba Academy of the Arts Middle School, Orange High School, Chapman University, and Stater Brother's Market on Collins Street), drove through Biola University, stopped at JPL in Pasadena, and rode rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Kristen is spending 2 weeks at Music Camp/Idyllwild Arts before moving in at Glass Hall and beginning her first year at Chapman University in Orange.

--Steve attended Edmodocon 2016, an online teaching/learning experience and completed paperwork before returning to work at Porterville Schools/Prospect Education Center on Friday, August 5th. Sunday, August 14th, Kristen sang at the Disney Concert Hall (link)  with musicians from Idyllwild Arts then moved in at Chapman University.


September 2016

--Arrowbear Music Camp 75th Anniversary Celebration on the 4th. Visited Greg & Deb on the 2nd, Kristen @ Chapman on the 3rd, Reunion on the 4th, Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead, & Lake Gregory/Crestline on the 5th.

--College Night in Visalia on the 13th, BioBlitz at Circle J Ranch on the 17th, Jason, Bekah, Jacen, Jaina, Zane, Andie Kristen, and Steve had a  birthday picnic celebration at Pinewood Picnic Area in Sequoia on  Saturday the 24th following Steve's birthday on the 22nd. Mom would have celebrated 97 on the 28th!


October 2016

--Astronomy Night @ Circle J on the 6th and finished/submitted my 2015 taxes on the 8th:-)

--Birthdays! Kristen on the 19th, Deb on the 24th, and Dad would have celebrated 100 on the 31st!



November 2016

--Kristen's first concert @ Chapman University in Orange, CA; good to be with her for it.

--WASC school visit in Watsonville, CA

--Thanksgiving @ Mike and Jonelle's--delicious!!!


December 2016

--Wassail Concert @ Chapman University; great! 

--Emily drove down to be with us for Christmas! Dinners, movies, and time together.

--Christmas with the family at Jamestown, CA

--Post-Christmas with Greg, Deb, & Heather at Lake Arrowhead, CA--food, fun, & fellowship. Spent Thursday the 29th at the newly reopened Santa's Village. 

--New Year's in Porterville, CA with Andie, Kristen, and Charlie--lots of good food, Scrabble, Five Crowns, The Empire Strikes Back/Star Wars: Episode V, ball drops in NY, toast, & bed. Good to spend the evening with Andie, Kristen, & Charlie