Famreyn News 2018+

Famreyn News 2020-

* Winter--today is January 1, 2020! Got to spend Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve with Jason, Bekah, and grandkids; nice! Here's a quick family update"

--Jason, Bekah, Jacen, Jaina, Zane, & Annabeth live in Visalia. Jason is working as an agronomist /management with Booth Ranches and Bekah is schooling the kids @ home.

--Emily still lives in Coupeville, WA; she is now working for Island Transit and the shuttle. She has a new friend in her life!

--Andie, Elias, Clementine, and Einstein live in Long Beach, CA. Elias is teaching digital media to middle school students @ Bethune Middle School, Andie is a nanny and is working on her B.A. in Early Childhood Education.

--Kristen lives in Orange, CA; she is in her senior year of music studies @ Chapman University! 


* Spring

* Summer

* Fall

Famreyn News 2019

--Winter: Said goodbye to Toby.

--Spring: Found out PEC will be shutting

down on May 31st.

--Summer: After 20+ years, cleaning out

my room @ PEC, hiking at SEKI, swim meets w/ Jacen & Jaina. 

--Summer/Fall--began teaching the Adult Secondary Education Class at Porterville Adult School. 

--Winter--Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations! Andie and Elias went to Seattle, WA on Christmas day, so I've had Einstein from then 'till January 3rd. Kristen and Cindy went to New Oreans.

Famreyn News 2018

--Spring: Joined Deb and Greg @ Murphys. CA. Good time together and we planned our summer trip to Ireland.

--Summer: Ireland & WA

--Fall/Winter: teaching @ Prospect Education Center (PEC) and news the school is moving to join Butterfield Charter School.