Music is for YOU!

Steve L. Reynolds


Steve has taught preschool to adult students in public and private settings for 40+ years. 



Steve has performed in professional and non-professional settings.  


Administrator & Businessman

Steve has public and private school administrative credentials and has owned and operated Reynolds' P.E.R. since 1976.

Instrumental Music

Would you like to grow an instrumental music program at your school? We will teach your students brass, woodwind, percussion, and recorder at beginning and intermediate levels.

One Day Per Week

We will come to your school one day per week and teach your students basic music theory and  musicianship--how to perform on trumpet, trombone, flute, clarinet, sax, percussion, bass, and recorder. 

Growing Your Instructor

You will find an adult in your sphere of influence who is interested in and available to teach your students instrumental music. We will teach them how to instruct and how to play each instrument. In one year, they will become your music instructor.