Wound on Ankle

The wound on my left leg ankle began in 2001 following the appendectomy and resultant blood clots in 1987. History: 1987 to 1999 * 2002


Current flare-up began November 2016. From doctors here in Porterville, I ventured to a doctor and the Bakersfield Heart Hospital wound care center in Bakersfield, CA. 


* Friday, February 24--changed dressing, rubbed area to remove dead skin; perhaps too much! By evening the wound area was oozing and was 1/3 bigger than in the morning. Went to SVDH Urgent Care. Their diagnosis: cellulitis. 


* Saturday/Sunday--leg elevated; changed dressing Saturday night. Oozing was less....


* Monday, 27 February 2017--returned to Bakersfield Heart Hospital Wound Care Center. Brandon, my PA, said he thinks I'm having an allergic reaction. I asked him about a second opinion from doctors at the UCLA Wound Care Center; he said that's a good idea. Appointment scheduled for 1:30 P.M. tomorrow. I drove to LA, went by the center so I could find it the next day. Had dinner in Orange with Kristen and spent the night in Carlsbad  with my brother.


* Tuesday, 28 February 2017--Got to the UCLA Center for Wound Healing and Limb Preservation @ 11:30 A.M. and met with Dr. O'Connell. She, too, thinks I'm having an allergic reaction. Also, she referred me to a vascular doctor, Brian DeRubertis, M.D., who's reviewed my situation, offered a couple of possible situations, but said, at this point, "Go home and see if the wound heals."


* March 1-9, 2017--visits to Golden Sunrise Pharmaceuticals, doctors in Porterville, and the wound center in Bakersfield--wound is better but there are multiple red, rash-looking spots around it. Maybe PT/INR too high? Checked; yes, too high. Let's lower that and see if that takes care of the rash-looking spots.


* March 22, 2017--visit to Dr. Crowley in Bakersfield. He's a dermatologist and thinks the red areas are stasis dermatitis--topical medicine, compression stocking, and elevate leg!


Family and friends--thanks for praying!